Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To Kindergarten we go....

Sarah is now in Kindergarten. I can't believe it! I cried all the way to school. I cried after I dropped her off in her classroom. I got to watch her stand in line, walk to her classroom, and hang up her coat. I even got to sit with her at lunch. It was fun to watch for her around the school. Sarah would smile and wave. I love having her at my school. She is the only one who can tie her shoe. Her teacher says that she is doing great.

Quote of the day: (Driving in the van passing a construction site)

"Mom, does the big bad wolf live around here?"

"NO, why?"

"Then why are they building that house out of bricks?"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

I am too young to be 30!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday!
My baby is 5! Sarah had a party at our new house with a few friends. She had a My Little Pony cake. She got Little Petshop toys for her big day. It is hard for me to have Sarah be 5 and getting ready to go to Kindergarten. When she was a baby, I had a hard time letting her go anywhere. I always needed her with me. Besides Shane, she is my best friend. When she was born, she was so familiar to me. I felt like I have known her forever. I am excited to know her forever. Sarah, mommy loves you!

Shane got extra lovin from all of us! Who knew that 13 would be such a lucky number for me! Shane, I am thankful for the last 11 years. Happy Birthday Batman!- Love Scotty, Sarah, and Karen

Monday, August 4, 2008


I am now not afraid to admit that I am a huge Twilight fan. I did in fact go to the Breaking Dawn book release party! My best friend, Pauline, went with me. We lost horribly in a tug-o-war contest. Pauline has a rope burn to prove it. Of course we were up against a few high school boys. I wonder if they actually read the book. Anyway, I had my book in hand at 12:25 am, Saturday morning. I finished Sunday morning at 5 am. I would have finished it sooner, but I couldn't totally neglect my kids for the whole day. It was sooooo good!! I can't say anymore since my friends haven't finished reading it yet. I have already reread so many chapters. If you get a chance, I recommend reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. It was so good, I read the first three books in a weekend! One of the best love stories ever!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Justice League?!...

Scotty had a super hero party. We invited six little boys and Sarah. Each child got a cape to be a super hero. They even got superman body stickers (tattoos)to match. We fought the bad guys using blow-up bunching bags. They had batman and superman on them. I was informed by everyone that superman and batman are not bad guys. They just don't make blowup bad guys. One little boy was so upset that we were fighting with superman, that he took superman away and guarded him. It was funny. Scotty went to get him. The next game was throwing ammo (marshmallows) at the bad guys. Some of the ammo made it in their mouths, some on the grass, and some were bitten in half to stick to the bad guys' heads. We then had a pinata. Everyone got to hit it hard. Good times! Scotty got everything he wanted and more. He carries superman and batman around with him everywhere. When he takes them in the car, he makes sure they are under his seat belt. Sorry about another slideshow. It is the only way to show all my pictures. What is the term..paparazzi?

Afterwards, we went to the Golden Corral for lunch. Everyone commented on superman being in the house. Oh, the next day, we found a man with the same tattoo as Scotty. Does superman have a catch phrase. For the life of me, I can only think of Buzz Lightyear's, Underdog's, and Mighty Mouse. The man at the comic book store thinks it is funny I don't know anything about superheros or villains. Oh well. Thanks to Scotty, I am sure I will know in no time.