Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bear Paw Festival

(Blogs irritate me! Why can't you move pictures around once they are on the blog!!!! This should be down farther but I accidentally deleted it.)
The family and I went to the Teddy Bear picnic. We pigged out on hot dogs and cookies. The kids played games and played on the grass. The kids even got their faces painted. Scotty ended up having some kind of reaction to the paint on his right cheek. He had a sword shaped rash. We built veggie cars for the derby. The car Scott is holding went 10 feet. It beat the winner by an inch. However, we were disqualified because we did not meet the 3 or more wheel rule. When we put a third wheel on it, it fell apart at 4 feet. Oh well. I did my best.

I promised the kids that if we saved our money, we could go on
carnival rides at the festival. They ended up getting to ride more
rides than I had planned. Scotty suddenly developed a fear
of rides he has ridden before. Sarah rode her favorite rides...dragon
roller coaster and the viking ship. Scott freaked out on the viking
ship, skipped the roller coaster, and rode the younger rides.
It was still fun!

At the parade, Shannon was making some pretty funny faces.

They actually passed out candy. We had a few problems though. They would give candy to Sarah and not Scott. If they gave them candy, the kids would take one piece and move away while the candy-giver would try and give them more. Or, they would by pass the kids and give candy to the group next to us. Finally, the mother next to us clued in on our frustration and made her kids share with us. Scotty finally became more assertive and went after the people to give him candy. It was actually quite funny!

Shannon worn out from a tough day of looking cute!
It was hot and humid!

Scott finally crashed.

Common scene!

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The Duckworth Family said...

I"m ipressed wtih all the cute outfits and shoes with them too! WAY to got! Savannah is still too small for any of her shoes, whah. I keep wanting to put all her cute clothes on, but they are all WAY too big! I thought she wa sgoing to be such bigger baby I didn't prepare for this! Funny we have babies at the same time again!