Monday, July 6, 2009

Dressed for Sunday

Shannon went to church today for the first time. She got to wear her new pretty pink dress. I had some pretty dresses saved for her in a tote. However, it seems to be the only tote we cannot find. I am devistated to lose those dresses and sweaters that Sarah wore.

Shannon will be two weeks tomorrow. I cannot believe it!
Time flies when you are really enjoying it! She is growing so fast.
The kids just love her!
Scotty calls Shannon "his princess".

Tried to take a nice picture.
It took us a while to get Scotty to hold still!

Scotty's pose cracks me up in this picture!


Amy said...

Oh! She is SO cute. Only a couple weeks behind our little Betsy!

Kimberly said...

Oh, so sweet. She is beautiful. I think she looks like a cross between Sarah and Scottie. Give her a kiss from us.

Betsy said...

She is such a cute baby! She looks so much like Sarah and Scottie.

The Duckworth Family said...

How sad to not find your tote of clothes! I have gone through mine and it's driving me nuts to not use them yet! I want this girl here now! But I have also had fun sewing the girls matching things, so we might just have to keep doing that! Maliyah of course loves the idea that they will be matchy too. Glad to see things are well...what's your plan for work and shannon this next year? Love ya!